Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today's Tidbit

There are two mentions today that I find both show the sharp difference a handful of decades can make. On this day in 1957 Elvis Presley bought Graceland which boasted 23 rooms on 10,000 square feet contained on 13.8 acres of land. Here's the sharp contrast, he paid a mere $102,500!

The second of today's mentions is Dr Hook's single "On the Cover of the Rolling Stone" which peaked at No.6 on the US chart on this day in 1973. The sharp contrast here is the fact this single was banned in the UK by the BBC due to the songs reference to the magazine. They said that it could be considered advertising so actually had the producers and executives at London's branch of CBS sing over the single master replacing "Rolling Stone" with "Radio Times". The real kick in the pants is the fact that "Radio Times" was also the name of the weekly TV and Radio Guide published by the BBC!!!!!

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