Monday, March 28, 2011

Today's Tidbit

The singer Madonna is always complaining that other artists are doing her thing that she was the original and only musical "blonde" and that they should be more original [or so it would seem]. If you've got blonde hair and resemble her in any fashion she's usually calling you out in the press for being unoriginal and that she did it all before you. Everyone should know the real original musical blonde of that era before Madonna staked her claim was Debby Harry of Blondie.

On this date in 1981 Blondie was at No. 1 on the US singles chart with "Rapture".

In contrast Madonna's first official release didn't come until a year later and it was another year after that before Madonna had her first hit single "Holiday". Enjoy the nostalgia.

I guess I should mention that in 1983 the Cyndi Lauper album that spawned "Girls just want to have fun" was released and went on to be a hit for two or three solid years. I think holiday's and blondes wanting to have fun were big themes back in 1982-1985. Debbie Harry's new wave and punk elements that originated in the 70's didn't stand a chance when the bubblegum express rode into town.

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