Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today's Tidbit

The age of Aquarius? The sexual revolution? The anti Vietnam war movement? Call it what you will but it all happened for the original cast of "Hair" on this day in 1969 as they hit No.1 on the US album chart and held it for 13 weeks. It obviously sustained a lot longer then it held a No.1 position on the US album chart though.

Hair, the story of a politically active hippy "tribe" fighting the Vietnam war and living a bohemian lifestyle. It's a far stretch to fit the words hippy, Vietnam and bohemian into the same sentence in 2011, I'm just as surprised as you probably are. Do those pacifistic principles exist these days or has the capitalistic machine ground it to a halt? Age of Aquarius indeed. I just now discovered you can spell hippy - hippie and get a different meaning.

I rarely quote another source but sometimes you need to consult the experts.

Quoting another source for a brief description:
"These days there are many more hippies around than hippys (well at least in the US, anyway). Perhaps today’s hippies are what the yippies from the late 1960s turned into, since there are so few yippies around today. But no, not all hippies were once yippies, nor were they all once hippys – although many hippies were hippys in the past and a few were yippies, too. 

A good song lyric to describe a Hippy: “Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now”

A good song lyric to describe a Hippie: “I ain't askin' nobody for nothin', if I can't get it on my own"

A good song lyric to describe a Yippie: “But when you talk about destruction, don't you know that you can count me out – in!”

The longhair thing: Although one has to be a longhair to be a hippy, today most longhairs are not even close to being hippys. Being a longhair might have meant you were anti-establishment years ago, but it no longer applies. Today in the US, even many rednecks down south are longhairs. Perhaps the only thing that still applies today to all longhairs is their love of music.

Freaks: The term might not be used too much anymore, but yes, Hippies and Hippys and for that matter, Yippies too, are still considered freaks, but perhaps it applies more so to just hippys today."

"Hippy: A person who has long hair, is peace loving and wants to make friends with everybody. A hippymakes for the best of neighbors; they are naturists (aka nudists); most of them are into free sex and love;they don’t worry about the race of other people; hippys smoke a lot of weed (and like all heads, they do not have to have it pointed out to them to be able to see where, in this site's pages' background, a dude is smoking a roach  - Hint for non hippys and non-heads: - he's inside the spiral)they eat healthy foods (and may or may not be vegetarians); raise their children in liberal but very loving ways. Hippys are groovy and very cool. They are anti-establishment. They are amongst the most discriminated people on the planet. Hippys love all animals. They can be very much like Buddhists and into Zen. They also love to listen to rock and or country music (especially late ’60s psychedelic rock music); and totally believe in the saying “don’t worry, be happy”. 

Hippie: Hippies are close cousins to hippys, but they are not the same. Politically charged and very much to the left – and not afraid of the word “liberal”, in fact hippies like to be noted as being liberal. They are not afraid to speak out for what they believe in – hippies will take on anybody. They will get in another’s face if that is necessary to get their point across; they like to take part in protest marchers; are anti war; pro human rights. They are very much anti-establishment. They are misunderstood and discriminated against. One doesn’t have to have long hair to be a hippie, or smoke weed, even if many of them do. They are for the legalization of all drugs. Most hippies watch their diets, but do not go overboard on that either. They are not groovy but are very cool never-less. Hippies like all music styles and are not restricted to digging only rock or county music. They have no problem with free love but usually don’t partake in it themselves. Many of them are naturists, but not all. Like hippys they are very liberal in raising their children. "

Who knew it could get so complicated, smiles. Enjoy Today's Tidbit, freaks.

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