Friday, June 10, 2011

Today's Tidbit

There weren't a lot of No.1's on the charts I wanted to talk about today. However, on this day in 1978 Joe Walsh released "Life's Been Good".

1978 was a great year that brought us Rush's "All the Worlds a Stage" their answer to Led Zeppelin's song remains the same. I found it really was the last decade of some of that better rock music that took a huge nose dive in the disco era that followed and the bubble gum rock era that followed that. Other then a few key exceptions this is probably the last decade for decent song writing and serious stadium filling rock on the whole. I haven't forgotten the KISS or Van Halen's of the world but that 70's decade was still dishing out 60's era song crafting for the most part.

No video again this time just sound.
Joe Walsh "Life's Been Good"

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