Monday, July 25, 2011

Beef Stroganoff

Done the full and proper way! Some would use creme fraiche [whatever that is]. For our purposes 21 percent sour cream will do, we usually eat 7 or 14 percent. Sadly this meal had blurry pictures but I will show them all in sequence anyway.


These mushrooms reduced a lot so it's a good idea to use more then you think you need!

 There is flour in with the garlic at this stage. Just a small tablespoon full.
 The white wine going in with the fried onions, mushrooms, garlic and flour.

 Big mistake using a machine to chop chives. We'll know better next time.
 Sour cream started to go in.
 Egg noodles, next time we'll get the proper traditional broad type egg noodles.
 Can you smell that? It's all starting to come together.
Ready for Noodles at last!
Time to enjoy! Oddly chopped chives aside it was incredibly good!

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