Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Hibachi

Recently I'd wanted a portable bbq that wasn't propane. I had a nearly new propane portable from last summer but it could barely cook anything at a high enough temperature using those portable green propane tanks. I looked around and other then ebay [I've still not used ebay for anything and don't quite trust it] there didn't appear to be anywhere you could get a simple hibachi. I remember them fondly and long ago used to always keep one in the back of my Chevelle with a handy bag of coals for them roadside cooking emergencies!!!

I was pleasantly surprised  to find that although no longer being produced or sold through Canadian Tire the one near me did indeed have a handful of them left in stock. Apparently nobody wants them anymore [and don't know what they are missing either]. I had no use for more then one but wished I could justify it as I purchased a shiny brand new hibachi waiting to be pieced together. Twenty one dollars later, a short trip home and a screwdriver with a wrench I began to assemble this zen like portable cooking apparatus.

It'll be featured in a few upcoming blog posts over the next week and then may be retired until the next road trip. It'll be a hunk of cast iron and wood in a dirty 'ol bag soon enough [and still capable of cooking nearly anything well]. Until then enjoy it's clean simplicity.

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