Thursday, July 26, 2012

Campfire Spaghetti

We never eat mushrooms from a can but when it comes to camping and making our first ever spaghetti while camping we decided on a few tweaks. Canned mushrooms. They were just easier to keep fresh. We also employed a can of tomato sauce.  We still used a couple of fresh tomatoes but it'd take a lot of propane to make spaghetti from scratch and until we find a cast iron stove that can handle 1000f that doesn't cost the price of a small vacation this will have to do. The onion and red pepper were fresh too but other then oregano and basil that was it for the sauce. We also decided on macaroni noodles as it just seemed like it'd be a lot less messy and easier to eat. We were right!

After the following food pictures are some fire pit pictures in a collage. We still found a use for marshmallows even though neither of us wanted to roast them. Instead I want you to picture rum, hot chocolate and a toasted marshmallow on top. The camera was packed away by then but let's just say it was every bit as yummy as you'd imagine and more. Between the sweetness of the charred marshmallow, the bitter dark chocolate and the rum we had an extremely nice nightcap on our hands!

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