Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tacos & Camping

They seem to go together really well. A few weeks ago on another camping trip I'd posted pictures of steak wraps we'd made and mentioned that next time we'd be doing tacos because bread tends to go bad quickly and taco shells and nachos don't. This is the next evolutionary step. We were amazed just how simple tacos were while camping and this is a now a new addition to our camping staple foods like burgers and steak.

The people that make those often used canning jars "Ball" now make hard plastic ones that seal water tight with threaded lids. Normally we avoid plastic and we never heat food in anything that isn't straight glass or  porcelain etc. These BALL "jars" will never be heated though but instead used for storing and freezing. They worked amazingly well for camping. Everything stayed fresh and dry in these for an entire week. They are another new camping staple now.

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